'The Real Mexico'

at Casa Oasis in Los Cedros, Jalisco Mexico!
What do you know about the rural interior of Mexico?
If your knowledge is based on what you've heard or read through the media, you really know very little about Mexico and probably have a lot of misinformation.  At Casa Oasis we invite you to come experience 'the real Mexico' away from the media hype, border regions, big cities and the coastal resorts. 
Casa Oasis is located in typical small country village that is halfway between the popular expat retirement communities of the north shore of Lake Chapala (18 minutes) and the Guadalajara International Airport (20 minutes). We are a 30-40 minute drive south of Mexico's second largest city - Guadalajara, but a world apart. 
Here in Los Cedros with a population of just over 2,000 it is a common sight to see cows, chickens, horses and goats roaming freely down the streets of the village. Like most small Mexican villages you may hear the sounds of Farmers selling produce, Gas/Water Bottle Distributors looking for customers, Mariachi music, barking dogs,

Cedros street scene

Cedros Village  scenes

One of the three wheeled Taxi's in the village

Roosters crowing and during Fiestas the bangs of the cohetes (fireworks).  However you will also hear lots of birds, frogs, crickets and in season even the sound of rain and a rumble of thunder at night. 
The centre piece of the village is the San Juan De Los Cedros Catholic Church located next to a small square where the locals gather to socialize, play music, drums and/or just relax.  It is a typical small Mexican village inhabited by hard working, modest and humble families. Occasionally  a farmer comes by our Casa selling fresh local grown fruits and vegetables for a few pesos.

The village of Cedros began as a Pueblo Hacienda, meaning the village grow up around the Hacienda (farm).  Built in the 1500's the earliest residents worked for the Hacienda. Today the Ex-Hacienda de los Cedros is located in the centre of the village. It is currently used as a rental venue for weddings and other events.

We want to give our guests the opportunity to learn and experience what life in rural Mexico is really like.  At the same time being able to tour and explore this part of Mexico. We hope after your visit that you will have better knowledge and understanding  of  Mexico's culture, traditions, arts and crafts and of course it's people.    
You are invited to join us for a walk behind our property.  This easy walk offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.


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