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We work with several local english speaking tour companies/guides.  We can arrange these tours for you.  You need to book your tours as soon as possible to reserve your space before arriving.  We recommend 3 to 4 weeks in advance.
  We may be able to arrange tours on shorter notice, but we cannot guarantee space or tours will be available.
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                Guachimontones Pyramids                     
The distinct circular step pyramid structures are located in the Tequila Valley next to the village of Teuchitlan, named after the civilization that built the pyramids.  Built between 300 BC and 900 AD by the Teuchitlan, pre-Columbian complex society that lived in the current day states of  Nayarit and Jalisco located in west central Mexico.  The center of the ancient village was occupied by three circular areas, each of with a multi-level circular step pyramid at its center. There are a total of 10 such "Circles" within Teuchitlan, along with four rectangular plazas and two ballcourts among many other smaller structures

Tour includes entrance fees. Your tour guide will take you to a restaurant for lunch (lunch not include in price of tour).


On this day tour you visit one of the Tequila distilleries near the town of Tequila.  You'll enjoy samples of Mexico's world famous drink.  You'll learn all about the agave, production, fermentation, aging and different qualitites of Tequila.   After touring the distillery your tour guide will take you to a restaurant in Tequila (cost of lunch not included in tour price) and allow you sometime to explore the village square and it's street vendors.

                Historic Guadalajara & Tlaquepaque     

Explore the historic district of Guadalajara. See the colonial landmarks, including Guadalajara Cathedral. Guadalajara has a very rich Spanish history, as well as it's influence on modern day Mexico.  Complete your memorable experience at the artisan village of Tlaquepaque, and purchase one-off souvenirs from a vast array of crafts and maybe see the famous female  mariachi bands on the street outside the El Patio restaurant.  
Tour includes entrance fees. Your tour guide will take you to a restaurant for lunch (lunch not include in price of tour). 

               Around Lake Chapala                     

Travel around the largest lake in Mexico.  Visit the unique villages and towns that surround the lake and learn why this area is so popular with immigrants from the USA, Canada and Europe. 
Tour includes any entrance fees. Your tour guide will take you to a restaurant for lunch (lunch not include in price of tour). 


Mazamitla is a village located just south of Lake Chapala in the highlands. Because of its natural beauty and folklore, it is considered by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico as a magical town.  Many consider this area to be Mexico's Switzerland.
Tour includes any entrance fees. Your tour guide will take you to a restaurant for lunch (lunch not include in price of tour). 

                         Tonala - the town for Arts & Crafts         Image result for tonala jalisco

The town of Tonala located just a short drive from Casa Oasis is home to  a large street market, known is spanish as a "tianguis" that is set up each Thursday and Sunday. This market is centered on the town's main street for about a kilometer, and spills into adjoining side streets.  This market can have from between 3,500 and 4,000 vendors selling locally made arts and crafts.   Another tour option is to tour the local arts and crafts factories in Tonala.   The town has been a ceramics center since the pre Hispanic period.  A number of other handcrafted items are made in Tonal√° as well, with blown glass coming second after ceramics. Other crafts include ironwork, woodworking, especially furniture, cartiberia (animals, clowns and dolls), tin and brass items.
Your tour guide will take you to a restaurant for lunch (lunch not include in price of tour). 
        Tapalpa                               Image result for tapalpa jalisco

On this full day tour you'll travel through two salt lakes and then climb high into the mountains southwest of Lake Chapala.  Tapalpa is another Switzerland like village that is a popular destination for Mexicans, but lessor known by tourists from outside of Mexico.   Located among Pine-clad hills, creeks and small lakes surround this small colonial town. Sturdy wooden columns supported whitewashed houses with red-tiled roofs. Neat cobblestone streets weave around restored churches. Just 4 km north of the town is Valle de los Enigmas, also known as las Piedrotas (Spanish "The Big Stones"), is a popular hiking destination in Tapalpa. It is notable for its large natural monoliths.  Food and souvenirs tend to be much lower in cost here than you find in tourist areas that are heavily visited by foreign tourists.  
Tour includes any entrance fees. Your tour guide will take you to a restaurant for lunch (lunch not include in price of tour). 


              Monarch Butterflies
We have a tour company that provides a three day tour to see the Monarch Butterflies.  The Monarch tours usually run from November through to March.   This tour includes 2 nights and 3 days in three incredible cities in Morelia, Michoacan.  Your host hotel for this trip is the Hotel Casino Morelia. Transportation is by private bus.


**Casa Oasis will provide transportation to and from Lakeside to join the tour**


Sample  Butterfly Itinerary
Day 1 Morelia (EST 1541)

9;30/10;00  Leave  from Lakeside  (Chapala/Ajijic)

1 pm Check-in, lunch on your own

4pm Tour of Morelia (2 hours)

Day 2 Butterfly's Sanctuary

7:30 Breakfast (included)

8:30  board bus 2/3 hour drive to Sanctuary

11;30 Butterfly reserve.  Horse provided with 2 personal tour guides

4 pm leave to return to hotel

8 pm Special Dinner - 3 course meal (included)

Day 3

7;30-9:30 Breakfast (included)

9;00/10;00 Check out of hotel.  Leave for Patzcuaro

11:30 arrive in Patzcuaro

3:30/4;00 Board bus for return to Lakeside

7;00/7;30 Arrive back to Lakeside

.....Many more tour options are available from our providers, such as; several day beach tours, staying at a hotel.  Just ask us about multi-day tours that include accommodation. 

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