Our Rooms

We offer three Inn style Casita suites which can accommodate up to two people per room. All rooms feature: king sized bed with sitting area, private bano (washroom/bathroom) with shower, kitchenette with small fridge, 4 burner gas stove-top, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, sink and basic kitchen utensils. Rooms also feature; free WiFi high speed internet up to 30MB, Roku internet LED TV with Netflix, Canadian and other English channels.  There are also a number of Spanish channels and even a channel that teaches basic Spanish. Each Casita also has an outdoor patio located outside of the bedroom.

Casita Uno

Uno's Kitchen  (Cocina pequeña)


(includes 4 burner stove top, Microwave, Toaster, Coffee Maker and mini-fridge)

Bano in Uno

Casita Dos

Casita Tres

Dos and Tres Banos

Dos and Tres feature Mexican ceramic toilets, sinks and light fixtures.

Left and Centre photo - Tres Bano.  Right photo - Dos sink and mirror.

Dos and Tres Kitchenettes (Cocina pequeña)


Photos: Left, Kitchenette in Tres. Centre: all Casitas feature 4 burner gas stove tops.

Right: Kitchenette sink in Dos


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